Suman Yadav- A Fine Educator with Uncontrollable thirst for Learning

She is a core educationist by profession as well as by passion! And she is such a learner who just can’t stop learning! Whether it is as ancient an art as Yoga or as modern a technique as Phonetics, she has to learn it all and do it all. She is a sportsperson, a Yoga teacher, an Abacus teacher, a spoken English teacher, a motivational speaker and a great cook too. She is essentially a teacher who learns even from her students.

Suman Yadav- Proud Indian Woman

Meet Suman Yadav, the Founder Director of Bansal Institute of Coaching in Rewari and the Director of the newly found Aadhar school, also in Rewari. She has been a teacher and Principal to many schools during her professional career of about 20 years. She still continues to be a teacher but with a difference. Now she doesn’t confine herself to schools but make any place her teaching ground. She just gives away all that she learns to any and everyone and she doesn’t charge any money for this.

Suman Yadav keeps on travelling all over India and abroad, to learn whatever fascinates her. Anyone can go to her and take something from the repertoire of her knowledge. Such is her quench for learning that she convinced the officials at Google, Facebook and Instagram headquarters in the US to allow her to go inside and watch how these giant companies work!

Let’s know more about Suman Yadav, straight from her heart.

Q. Please tell something about your work, what is that keeps you busy?

Ans. At present, I am running the Bansal Institute for Engineering and Medical Exams Coaching at Rewari, Haryana. I am the Founder Director of this institute. Most of the students here come from Delhi NCR region. There’s another institute that I am running, the Brain-O-Brain Abacus Institute at Indian Oil Mathura Refinery Township. It was in the year 2005 when I became the first person to bring Abacus teaching in UP. There was no Abacus Institute here back then.

Q. So, you are a trained Abacus Teacher.

Ans. Yes, I learned it when I was 45 years old. I did the course for one and a half years from a Delhi centre. After that, I started the Abacus school in Mathura. It went off well. This institute has many achievements to its credit. 17 students from my academy won gold medal in the first All India Abacus Competition. It was a great achievement for all of us. At present, I have 250 students in my Abacus institute at Mathura. Now two MBA students handle the administration of this academy. These two students are from among those 17 who won gold medal in the first Abacus competition.

Q. I can see that your interest lies in educating people. You have founded institutes related to education only.

Ans. Teaching is my passion. For 18 years, I have been the principal of many schools all around the country as my husband’s job is transferable and I kept moving with him. One of the biggest institutions where I was the principal is the Model Academy in Jammu. Shri Farooq Abdullah, the first Attorney General of India and many other great personalities are the alumni of this school. I was the first non-state principal of this school.

Suman Yadav- Proud Indian Woman

Suman Yadav is an exceptional Educationist

Q. Have you been in education sector since beginning?

Ans. Yes. When I got married, I was doing my masters in education and after that, I joined school. Even after having my kids, I continued working in schools without taking any break. It was only when I conceived my son and suffered from great health complications that I faced many difficulties.

Q. So, this was the only time when you did not work?

Ans. No, I didn’t take a break from work. I continued working but internally I was broken. I suffered a lot due to these health complications. I had to take many medicines including steroids that had various side effects on my body. From being a woman of only 56 kg of weight, I went on to gain weight as much as 120 kg. I lost all my hair. But the good thing was that my son was safe and he took birth without any defect. I was really worried about his health and any other problem in his body or mind that might have resulted due to the side effects of these medicines that I took during pregnancy. But for about 7 years after this, I went into depression because I lost all my hair and gained enormous weight. Being a sports person, I could not accept these changes in my body. Till now I have undergone 14 major surgeries.

Q. How did you come out of depression?

Ans. I went into Yoga. I did meditation along with yoga that helped me come out of depression. I joined Bihar School of Yoga. Then I started dropping the medicines and gradually stopped taking all the medicines. My daughter also helped me a lot in fighting off depression. She used to tell me, “Mom, you have each and every quality that only few women have in them so you should not be worried about your hair fall and weight gain. All these are secondary things in life.” Now 17 years past, I don’t miss doing yoga, even for a single day. Every morning, for 2 hours, from 4:30 AM, I do yoga. Not only this, I make many people in my society do yoga in the morning, they come at 5:30 AM and do yoga with me. This is here in Delhi and even in Mumbai, I make people do yoga in the morning. As Mr. P K Yadav, my husband who is the Executive Director (Automation) at Indian Oil Corporation and posted at Mumbai these day, I often go there to stay with him. So, I make the people of that society also do yoga in the morning.

Q. When you come back to Delhi, what happens to your yoga class there in Mumbai?

Ans. I have trained people there in Mumbai and here in Delhi too. These people take care of the classes and make others do yoga every morning when I am not there.

Suman Yadav- Proud Indian Woman

Suman Yadav conducting Yoga class at Mumbai

Q. This means you are professionally trained to train Yoga instructors too.

Ans. Yes, I learned Yoga from Bihar School of Yoga and also from Baba Ramdev’s Yogis by taking residential Yoga course in his institute. In fact, I make people do yoga as per their problems and not the generalized yoga postures that are mostly done everywhere in groups. Each of us have different bodies and different problems that need specific yoga asanas to be cured. Whenever people come to learn Yoga from me, I make them write down the top 5 diseases or problems in their bodies and then teach them specific yoga postures to cure these issues. Even when doing Pranayama and other breathing exercises like Bhramri etc. I make sure that people do it correctly with all the prescribed techniques like touching the tip of the tongue to the palate (roof of the mouth). While chanting ‘Om’ too, it is essential to count your pulse rate below the wrist and not paying attention to saying Om. You can yourself see the difference of experience in your body when you do the Yoga, Pranayam and meditation the right way.

Q. You teach Abacus, give coaching to aspirant engineering and medical students, teach yoga and cure people. Is there any other skill that you teach to people?

Ans. Yes, I teach spoken English to women of my society. Two years back when some of the women asked me about a coach who can teach them how to speak in English, I offered my help to them. I was here for three months then and had time with me so I decided to teach them spoken English. When I was in Mathura, I used to teach spoken English to about 50 to 55 women. I had, back then, designed a package which makes learning spoken English a very easy task and anyone can learn speaking English within 3 months.

Q. So, did you do some course for teaching spoken English too?

Ans. No, but I was a student of English literature and I have written many books for pre-primary students when I was in Jammu. I have also written books for B.Ed students for MIER College of Education in Jammu as well as for NTT teachers on how to teach basic Spoken English. In fact, my students from MIER say, we haven’t yet met a principal like you who was a teacher to us.

Suman Yadav- Proud Indian Woman

Suman Yadav teaches Spoken English to women of her society

Q. Do you charge for these trainings or is this one of the social works that you do?

Ans. I don’t charge anything for yoga trainings or spoken English training. I just want people, especially women, to be fit and well without pains and aches so that they can take good care of themselves as well as of their families and kids. Once you are fit, you become energetic and then you also feel like working. In fact, I am of the opinion that everyone should learn everything, from yoga to swimming and sports, everything. What is the need of having trainers and coaches for everything for your kids? If you know how to swim, your children will learn it from you in better ways than from any coach? Same is the case of studies. Yoga and meditation etc. improves your concentration and memory. You can do a lot of things that you never imagined you could. I always emphasize that parents should come and learn whatever I am teaching to kids. Children learn the best from their parents.

Q. How can working women take out so much of time?

Ans. All of us have 24 hours but some people do so many things and others just think how can we do this and that. It is how we use those 24 hours. I also worked for all my life, even then I had the time to cook, to party, I had time for kids as my kids never studied from tutors. It’s all about managing time. Yes, you need energy to do so many things and here comes Yoga, it makes you energetic, it makes you feel fresh all the time. But yes, learn Yoga from trained Yoga teachers, then only you will get its wholesome benefits.

Q. Is there any other social initiative that you have taken?

Ans. Yes, I have started a school called ‘Aadhar’ in Rewari where education for girls is free of cost. Boys do have to pay a nominal monthly fees. It is till fifth standard at present. We are putting emphasis on traditional ways of developing mental and physical faculties of students in this school. They will be taught Yoga, Pranayam, yogic teachings and other traditional arts along with studies.

Q. What makes you do so many things with such a zeal?

Ans. I think, it’s my passion for learning. I just want to learn and then educate people whatever I have learnt. You won’t believe, when I was doing BrainOBrain course, I was the only student of 45 years of age and all the other students were 20-25 years of age. I was declared the best learner. I used to get up in the morning at 4 and studied everything that was taught in the class because I did not want to get embarrassed before so many young students.

Once I met Shakuntala Devi, the mathematician known as mental calculator and human computer. From her, I learnt that everything is feasible if you really want to do it. If you are dedicated to something, nothing can stop you

Q. Because you are such a passionate teacher as well as a learner, I must ask you this. How do you think our kids can learn easily all that which is taught to them and without stress? And because you also run Abacus institute, how far is this helpful for students?

Ans. What I learned through Brainobrain is that anything that is done in a proper method gives 100% result. So, it’s the methods that we should teach to our kids and not the results. Even today, when I teach students, I tell them to understand the concept and never encourage rote learning. Also, teachers need to be trained properly because unless they take interest in teaching the concepts to the students, how can students understand them?

Q. Our readers would also like to know about your own childhood.

Ans. We are 5 siblings and I am the third one. My elder sister was quite elder to us and thus I was always with my two brothers. I think, this only made me became tomboyish. I was very naughty as a child. We were born and brought up in Goa. My father was in Merchant Navy and was very affectionate towards all of us. It was due to him only that I could learn so many things that I wanted to as he never stopped us from doing anything. Afterwards he left Navy and started his own business. We studied at KVS in Goa. As my mother was asthmatic, me and my younger sister shifted to Alwar, Rajasthan with her as we got to know that this place was suitable for such patients. Alwar is also the home of my maternal grandparents. So, I did my post graduation from Rajasthan.

Suman Yadav- Proud Indian Woman

Suman Yadav was an all rounder performer in school and college

Q. What type of student were you in college?

Ans. I was a snob (laughter). As I had come from Goa and had a lot of exposure and also was a tomboy, I used to bully the boys in college here in Alwar. Although I was like a terror to all students yet everyone wanted to be friends with me. I was a very active student who did all the cultural events and even played a lot. I was a state level badminton player and also played discuss throw. I acted on stage and did monologue and dramas in college functions. I was also the President of the Student union. I also got elected as ABVP President for Youth.

Q. Didn’t you ever think of getting into politics then?

Ans. In fact. Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji chose me as a candidate from Tijara in Alwar and also wanted to give me the ticket for MLA elections but then I got engaged with Mr Yadav. There were only two options for me, either joining politics or getting married. So, I chose the latter.

Q. Why did you choose to get married and not a political career?

Ans. At that time, not many women were there in politics. Although my family had liberal views but my husband’s family was not in this favour. I got a very traditional family after marriage where I had to do ‘parda’ and cook on ‘chulha’ and all that. So, it was out of question to get into a political career.

Q. Being a tomboy as well as a sportsperson with an outgoing personality, how is it that you agreed to get married in such a family?

Ans. It was all because of love (laughter). Ours is a love marriage and when you are in love, you do everything for that special person. So, I accepted everything. But I didn’t leave my passion. My passion was teaching and working for social causes. I continued doing that.

Q. So how did you do all this? Did you get support from your family?

Ans. My husband was very supportive. He told me to do whatever I liked and never stopped me from following my passion. Even my in laws never stopped me from teaching as my sisters-in-law were working as teacher and lecturer and it was not a problem for them. After my marriage, I supported the whole family in a big way and then my father-in-law also started appreciating me.

Q. As you said, your husband’s family was a traditional one, were they ready for their son’s marriage with you?

Ans. Initially, they were not at all ready for this marriage. We had to first convince my husband’s brother who was Captain in the Army at that time. When he came to meet us, he was impressed with my family and he told my father-in-law that I was the perfect girl whom Mr Yadav should marry.

Suman Yadav- Proud Indian Woman

Suman Yadav loves her family

Q. What is your biggest quality that you think has helped you in becoming a success?

Ans. Being a person who is down to earth. I can just go out and sit down on the earth with anyone and have food with them. Even in Goa, where my father was a reputed businessman, no one in my school knew that I was from a business family. In Alwar too, I used to always wear white salwar kurta with Bandhni dupatta and always used to take books from library to study. Everyone used to think that I was from a very normal family and could not imagine that I came from a well-to-do business family. When they came to know this, all were really surprised. I think, these values only made me keep going and learning new things. I learn from each and every person every day, even from kids.

Q. When did you feel most satisfied in your life?

Ans. The day I got my daughter Nikharika admitted for studying architecture, I felt most satisfied in life. Nobody in my family was ready to let her study what she wanted to. I supported her throughout. She is a super intelligent girl and held 49th rank in AIEEE test but did not want to study engineering. She wanted to study architecture, she is very creative too. But no one from the family was ready to let her study architecture. I was by her side. She topped the architecture exam too. She won three awards in Paris for her assignments. She was directly recommended for Pittsburgh for her masters. Dominique Perrault is one of the most distinguished architects who recommended her for this. Now she works as Assistant Project Manager at Pertel Construction Company, Florida. My daughter is just like me, carefree and open minded. She’s always ready to help anyone. My son Utkarsh also supports me a lot. At present, he is studying at Boston University, USA and also doing internship as the Lead Accounts Manager at Verizon.

Q. What’s that one word, sentence or quote that describes you the best?

Ans. There are no failures, only feedbacks.

Q. What’s the next thing you are excited about?

Ans. I have planned and even enrolled myself for learning phonetics. In India, this type of study of speech sounds is not available till now, especially in Northern region. There are some schools in Mumbai region where it is used to teach children but not here. I want to bring it here in this region.

Q. What message do you want to give to the readers?

Ans. See, if I say that I know everything, it will mean I am limiting myself. We should always say, ‘I want to learn’, ‘how can I do this or that?’ If you have this attitude of learning in yourself, if you want to go and see by doing it yourself, that will keep you motivated to do things in life.

Suman says, “I want to always be a learner, be a student and within the students.” This shows her unquenchable thirst for knowledge. She ends the interview by saying, “A teacher is ever young. So, I am going to be young forever (laughter).” It truly represents her undying spirit of life within herself. She is the proud Indian woman who just goes on and on, learning new things and giving back to the society whatever she acquires. We actually need many more teachers like Suman who can go that extra mile to create such students who bring glory not only to themselves but also to the nation.

If you want to contact Suman Yadav, write a mail to her at or call her at +91 8826455161. You may also connect with this wonderful motivational speaker through her Facebook Page, Everyday Etiquette

Educating even one person means contributing a lot towards an enlightened society. Take a step towards learning and educate a whole society!

If SHE Can, YOU Can!

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