This is Sherly Devarapalli – The Young Crusader for Women Empowerment

Sherly Devarapalli is just 19 years old and she is a staunch feminist who dreams of a society where men and women have equal rights and opportunities. So what does she do to make her dream come true? She empowers women! She teaches young girls and women self defense techniques and also works for awareness about menstrual hygiene, domestic violence and sexual abuse. At this tender age, she has co-founded a trust called, “Goodwin Charitable Trust”. She aims at joining Indian Administrative Services.

Here’s her story in her own words.

Sherly Deverapalli Proud Indian Woman

This is Sherly Devarapalli.

My story 😊
I am a 19 years old strong feminist. Doing my BA with civil’s coaching (coaching for IAS Examination) in Narayana IAS acadamy.
I am a karate black belt holder.
I started my journey at the age of 17. I conducted different camps in remote villages.
I teach self defence to young girls and am karate teacher in orphan home during my vacations.
sherly devarapalli Proud Indian Woman
Till now, I have shared  my skills with more than 2000 girls in one year.
I conduct camps on personal hygiene and donate sanitary napkins to village women and girls.
sherly devarapalli Proud Indian Woman
I also conduct competitions like singing and drawing in government schools to promote skills in  young kids and encourage them by giving prizes.
sherly devarapalli Proud Indian Woman
I have been felicitated with Sevaratnam Puraskar by OYSTER organization- Ashoka Youth Venturer ( one of the top 4th NGO in the world ).
sherly devarapalli Proud Indian Woman

I am connected with many NGOs and am handling many projects which benefit society.

I am the Co-founder of Goodwin Charitable Trust.

My dream is to make girl more powerful.

A Note from Proud Indian Woman Team:

Dear Sherly, we appreciate the work that you are doing for women empowerment and wish you all the best for your future. may all your dreams come true be it that of becoming Indian Administrative Officer or the one of empowered women with equal rights and opportunities in our society.


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